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2013 Auto-Trail Frontier Delaware Used Motorhome

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Base Vehicle
Engine Capacity2,999CC
Driving PositionRHD


Peter's review about the 2013 Auto-Trail Frontier Delaware
5 / 5
Sunday 22nd March 2020

I owned this van from new and it has been a delight. Drives very well (and much quieter than the older model) while the 3-litre 180bhp engine gives plenty of grunt when fully laden and towing a small car. Very comfortable bed, better storage etc in the bedroom than the later model and do much storage everywhere that you just cannot fill it. Mains input modified so you don't have to open a side panel to hook up. Habitation air conditioning a joy in very hot weather. Factory satellite TV system fiddly but can be persuaded to give excellent picture in front and on the TV in the bedroom.
The new owners of this motorhome will have a great time.

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