2020 Rapido Serie Distinction i86 New Motorhome

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  • Base Vehicle Price:£83,900OTR

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RangeSerie Distinction
Seat Belts4
LayoutIsland Bed
ProfileLow Profile
Base Vehicle
Engine Power140BHP
Engine Capacity2,300CC
Driving PositionRHD
FuelTurbo Diesel
Gear Box6 Speed
Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the weights below, however it is intended as a general guide only and must not be taken as binding. Highbridge Caravans does not accept responsibility for any incident that may occur as a result of the use of this information. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they are driving to legal standards within the country they are travelling and under the licence they hold.
MTPLM 3,500Kg (68.89CWT)
MiRO3,125Kg (61.51CWT)
Total User Payload375Kg (7.38CWT)
External Dimensions
External Height2.89m (9' 6")
External Length7.25m (23' 9")
External Width2.35m (7' 9")


  • Storage area in robust polyurethane
  • 30 mm Styrofoam insulation
  • Rounded exterior design
  • New streamlined grill
  • Black headlight rims
  • Design rear pillars
  • PREMIUM external decor
  • Electric step at the living area entrance
  • Widthwise storage double floor accessible from both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Heated garage
  • Storage area ceiling LED lighting rail
  • White gloss overhead cupboard doors
  • Cab bed skirt with RAPIDO embroidery
  • Living room and bedroom indirect lighting dimmer
  • Soft touch ceiling fabric
  • High density resistant foam on living room seats
  • Living room bench seat armrest
  • Curtains on backlit rods
  • Kitchen unit drawers with glossy white fronts and skirt
  • Worktop extension and chopping board
  • Suspended backlit kitchen window finish
  • Lighting under the worktop
  • Rectangular stainless steel sink
  • Backlit spice rack
  • Glossy white cupboard door
  • Thermoformed rectangular basin with brass mixer tap and ceramic cartridge
  • Chrome finish bathroom accessories
  • Clothes drying rack
  • New toilet
  • Permanent bed with aluminium base frame and active slats
  • Telescopic island bed wardrobe hanging rail
  • Curved bedside table by island bed with inbuilt LED diffuser for easier access to storage
  • Sliding storage drawer on the front of island bed
  • Cruise control with limiter
  • LED day running lights
  • light and electric entry step
  • AGUTI rotating cab seats in fabric matching the living area
  • Dashboard finish with white stitching on leatherstyle yokes
  • New cup holder
  • Manual cab air conditioning
  • Cab door with sequential electric windows
  • New external shower with hot and cold water
  • 100 polyester impact resistance roof sides and underfloor protection
  • Fullcover roof
  • Bodywork roof panels and floor 100 polyurethane
  • ALKO chassis with independent suspension
  • NOVABOX better access to service area
  • Double glazed living area windows with polyurethane frame cassette nonwoven blinds and flyscreen
  • Living area door with 2point locking fixed window and inbuilt bin
  • L living area door 540 mm i66 i96
  • XL living area door 625 mm i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • Living area entry step backlighting turns on when door opens except i1066 i1090
  • Storage area handles compression handles flush with doors
  • ALDE Arctic Comfort Plus central heating option on i96 standard on i66 i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • ALDE heating under left front seat only available with ALDE heating
  • TRUMA Combi 6 EH gas and electricity heating with CP PLUS control panel i86 i96
  • Heating distributed via the living room table leg i66 i96 except for telescopic leg
  • iNet remotely control your heating system
  • TRUMA windscreen heating duct not compatible with WEBASTO
  • Automatic gas inverter with anticrash system
  • Heated lit double floor
  • Kitchen living room suspended rack with ELEGANCE varnished solid wood mouldings or CASTELLO lacquered mouldings
  • CASTELLO furniture for a bright modern atmosphere
  • ELEGANCE furniture new warm sophisticated style
  • Cab bed bottom with stitched TEP design and LED lights
  • TEP covered bedroom skylight with LED lights plexiglass finish on i1066 and i1090
  • 100 LED ambient lighting in living room kitchen and bedroom
  • New laminate surface for kitchen worktop except i1066 i1090 and living room table
  • New forwardfacing conversion in facetoface living room
  • Lounge fabric modern design optimal comfort heightadjustable headrest forwardfacing bench seat
  • Storage drawer under dinette table i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • Easy movement around the lounge no raised floor
  • 21inch flat screen TV space
  • Kitchen with softclosing and central locking drawers
  • Large 160 L AES refrigerator 142 L for i86 190 L for i1066 i1090
  • TECTower combo refrigerator and oven i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • Stainless steel 2hob stove with separate black covers and piezo ignition option of 3hob stove
  • Builtin cooker hood with LED lighting
  • Removable serving hatch shelf between the kitchen and lounge forwardfacing bench seat
  • Backlit kitchen roll holder except i1066 i1090
  • Opaque skylight with flyscreen
  • Quickclean thermoformed toilet cassette compartment except i165
  • Permanent bed with highly durable BULTEX foam mattress
  • Retractable island bed base i86 i96 i190
  • Electric heightadjustable island bed 30 cm with large storage area
  • Island bed wardrobe design with twotone door and chrome trim
  • Side backlit storage alcoves with USB and 12 V outlets i86 i96 i190 i1090
  • 2nd TV space in bedroom with 12 V coaxial HDMI prewiring
  • Passengers and drivers airbags
  • ECO PACK Stop Start with high output 200 amp alternator i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • Coachstyle wing mirrors electric defrosting and doubleview twotone colour
  • Central locking on drivers and living area doors
  • Cominghome mode with automatic awning
  • 2nd remote keyless entry control RKE
  • Jackassisted foldaway cab bed with slatted frame and BULTEX foam mattress electric on i165 i190 i1066 i1090
  • LITHIUM battery setup SUPER B READY b Living area mosquito door
  • Waste water drainage with electric valve controlled from the storage space from the service area on i1066 i1090


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